Nos produits

Fruits & Légumes / Fruits & Veggies

It all started here with our reputation for our large choice of Fruits and Veggies from all over the world : berries, tropical fruits, herbs, micro herb, baby veggies, edible flowers, banana name it and we should have it !

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Notre liste Gourmet / Our Gourmet list

The story goes on with our shop. Over the years, we have developped a real Delicatessen shop located on the port itself.

Our intention is to improve ceaselessly the quality and diversity of our products such as Caviar Petrossian, French-Italian-Corsican AOP cheeses, spices, oils,  japanese and other imports.

You are welcome in our small cave of Ali Baba ...of papillae

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Viande / Meat

A beautifuf Black Angus USA ribeye,

A splendid Blond of Galicia sirloin,

A flavourful matured Aubrac tenderloin,

A famous Wagyu piece from Australia,

A memorable slice of Bellota Ham and so on..

....for the guests or for the crew, we will offer the best quality possible.

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Poisson / Fish & Caviar

When we speak about fishing, to be situated in a beautiful port, can give us some arguments :

Local fishing and Spiny Lobster, freshness, cutting in filets, preparation in vaccum packs as you wish.

We won't forget as well some beautiful names such as Salmon Balik, Gambas Carabinieros, Scampi from Brittany, Obsiblue Shrimps...

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Alcool & Boissons / Drinks

What would be our store without our wide selection of wines, champagnes, spirits and soft drinks :

- Japanese wiskhy Hibiki 21 years old

- Whispering Angel rosé wine

- Champagne Don Pérignon rosé 2005

- Fiji Water.....and so much more

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